The strategy of a dynamic Group 


 Our values 

The Cristal Group's approach is based on combining medium-term plans with an ability to respond that enables the Group to adjust to opportunities opened up by market developments.

There are three aspects to the strategy:

  • offering a range of products and services that facilitate differentiation;
  • solid "organic" growth, together with active external growth;
  • developing firms to serve our clients.

Implementation of this approach is assisted in the field by an extensive geographical coverage, complementary activities, unrivalled know-how and high-quality expertise.

The men and women who work for the Cristal Group share some key values, including respect, confidentiality, flexibility and creativity.


CONFIDENTIALITY: independence between our structures and confidentiality with regard to our customers

RESPECT: not just for men and women, but also for our own undertakings

INNOVATION: creativity across the technical, organisational, and human domains

FLEXIBILITY: everyday flexibility and responsiveness