RESALAB: shared undertakings  

A network of local laboratories for customized analyses.
Our laboratories are, first and foremost, local to services in the:

  • animal sector,
  • agri-food industry,
  • pharmaceutical industry.

We are your go-to partner for understanding the emergency within the emergency, making sure that intervention and delivery are attentive, trustworthy and fast.


On its own, the analytical service is no more than a tool that has to be implemented within a process that allows you to monitor your means of production, to secure your process and help you supply a quality product. We measure each of these parameters on a daily basis, thus providing you with the best possible response to your expectations - offering customized analysis as well as IT tools for remote consultation of how your analyses are progressing.


The RESALAB technical unit provides member laboratories with a technical framework that is regularly reviewed and updated.
By harmonizing the various analytical processes, the framework ensures identical quality across the services provided.
To achieve this, the technical unit relies on:

  • Regulatory and normative intelligence conducted within RESALAB,
  • Technical intelligence on new products and processes giving rise to internal validation, for the development of our service.


Using computerized tools specifically developed by and for RESALAB, each laboratory has at its disposal the means to re-transcribe and communicate the results of its analyses, combining quality and convenience for everyday use.
Communication and leadership supports are available to both RESALAB laboratories and RESALAB members.


In joining RESALAB, a laboratory undertakes to guarantee the competence and qualifications of its personnel. In order to meet this requirement, RESALAB organises training sessions closely linked to their needs as well as to developments in the field, to maintain the most relevant quality services.


Benchmark hubs for each segment and a shared R&D unit for all the laboratories - the whole package is designed to offer you support and guidance, and prepare to face tomorrow's challenges.
 Our technical services are organised by benchmark hub of experts on various analytical techniques such as PCR in animal health (Résalab Bretagne, Laboratoire vétérinaire de Malestroit et Biovilaine), water (BIO-ESSARTS), IAA (LABOVET Analyses, LBAA, AVIMAR, SOCSA Analyses, LVHA) including PCR (Labovet Analyses, Avimar, Biovilaine), serology (Labovet Analyses, Filiavet), etc.

Because each analysis conducted today will be different tomorrow, a RESALAB R&D unit (shared across all the laboratories) supports and guides each initiative taken in its laboratories towards the development of new services. This intervention can be scientific and technical, material and human: everything is aimed at offering you support and guidance, preparing you for the challenges that tomorrow will bring.


R&D Unit contact: